How to Protect Your Teeth and Gums

Mouth Guards in Encino

A mouth guard is a common dental equipment in the sports industry. Athletes who are involved in activities that involve falling, flying, diving and other forms of body contact usually wear come kind of mouth guard. Nonetheless, mouth guards are also known as a mouth protector, dental guard and sports guard. It is a common sight among players in hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, skateboarding and other physical sport. In essence, mouth guards are meant to avert injury to the mouth, breaking of teeth, and teeth grinding during sports. Specifically, we provide three types of mouth guards in Encino:
  • Stock Mouth Protector: They are pre-formed and made ready to wear. Stock mouth protectors are sold at the sporting store. Adjusting the fitness of this type of this mouth guard is near impossible despite the low price. Dentists will never recommend this type of mouth guard as it can distort breathing and talking. Visit us to let you know what mouth guard is right for you.
  • Boil and Mouth Bite Protector: Also sold at sporting and departmental stores but with a better fitting than stock mouth protectors. They are made out of thermoplastic materials, and can be made to wrap around the teeth by placing it in hot water to soften. With finger and tongue pressure, a better fitting can be achieved for this type of protector.
  • - Custom Fitted Mouth Protectors: This is what you get from the dentist office as they are individually made based on the dentist’s instructions. To get a custom fitted mouth protector. The dentist will use a material to make an impression of your teeth which is then transformed into a mold. The cost of acquiring a custom fitted mouth protector is on the high side compared to other types but it is well worth it for proper dental protection. 


Who Needs or Uses a Mouth Guard?


A mouth guard can be worn by anyone regardless of age, sex, and profession. The following set of people wear mouth guards: 

Athletes: Athletes involved in contact sports who are at a high risk of collision on the field of play are the likely users of mouth guards. In recent times, those who are into non-contact sports such as gymnastics, cycling, and mountain biking have also started using mouth guards.

Adults And Children Who Grind Their Teeth: During sleep, some people often grind their teeth and this could lead to damaging or wearing out your teeth. With mouth guards worn, this should prevent grinding of the upper teeth with the lower jaw.

Why Should Mouth Guards Be Worn During Sport?

  • - Due to the nature of sports, players are susceptible to collision. However, with mouth guards, mouth related injuries such as biting of the lips, tongue and soft tissues can be limited.
  • - Mouth guards will help prevent tooth loss, broken teeth and damage to the nerves.
  • - Lastly, mouth guards can help boost the confidence of athletes by give it their all as they feel safe.


Conclusion Mouth guards help protect the mouth, teeth and even the tongue. There are also concerns from people wearing braces. Those who wear braces can also use a well-fitted mouth guard to protect their teeth during physical activity.