Affordable and Effective Teeth Cleaning

Dental Cleaning in Encino

While teeth cleaning might be a painless and smooth activity for some individuals, it is characterized by jaw discomfort, noises, and prodding that has made many dread the dentist office. A professional dental cleaning in Encino should be scheduled no less than twice a year. However, the frequency of cleaning is determined by your dental hygienist and the condition of your mouth during physical examination. Knowing the stress and pain of teeth cleaning in Encino as well as understanding the basic phase and steps involved might ease off this dread. The following are steps involved in the cleaning of teeth:

Physical Exam: Before a dental hygienist can carry out the cleaning of your teeth, a physical examination of the entire mouth has to be carried out. This is to make sure that the level of tartar formation gets removed. With a small mirror, the state of your mouth is check for swollen gums, plaques or any damage to the teeth. If any problem is detected by the dental hygienist, they might need the advice of the dentist before knowing if the cleaning process should be carried out. With the advice of the dentist, the dental hygienist might decide to proceed with the cleaning.

Plaque and Tartar Removal: Get ready for some scraping sound as this is what will occur in the removal of plaques and tartar in your mouth. The dental hygienist will be guided by the small mirror to locate the tartar and plaques and scrap it off. Depending on the amount of tartars and scrap in your mouth and gum lines, this will determine the level of scraping. Tartars can only be removed at the dentists’ when they grow from plaques. This can be the most painful part of the teeth cleaning process and dreaded by many. To limit the amount of scrapping, regular brushing and flossing is advised.

Final Polish: After scrapping and your teeth are free from tartar, there is still a need by the hygienist to polish using a paste and rotary instrument. Gritty cleaning of the teeth should only be carried out by a professional as it can wear down your enamel if done at home.

Flossing and Rinsing: Yes, you floss at home but professional flossing outweighs the home flossing carried out daily. There is a depth you can get to, but your dental hygienist will go deeper than you can reach. Locating the troubled spots by the hygienist is essential in order to correct the abnormalities. Allow a professional to floss your teeth as its essential to your teeth’s health. You should be given a liquid fluoride that you will use in rinsing out your teeth.

Fluoride Treatment Application: Fluoride application sometimes follows the deep cleaning process. Fluoride acts as a protector for your teeth over a specified period. It is usually applied using a brush. You should not eat or drink for at least 1 hour following its application.