Teeth Whitening

Whitening Your Teeth Using Lasers

The quest to have and maintain sparkling teeth has always been a great concern of people, as we know a smile can be enhanced with a good set of teeth. Therefore you should brush our teeth at least twice every day. Over the years a lot of methods have been invented to maintain white teeth and to whiten the teeth, for those with already stained tooth. One of the methods discovered is the Laser teeth whitening.

Teeth’s whitening is the process of bringing back a tooth to its initial white colour with substances like toothpaste and other teeth whiteners.

Laser Teeth whitening

This is a method of restoring the teeth to the white surface colouration through the use of a laser beam that works with a peroxide gel. The whole process is summarized below.

The first thing done is to thoroughly clean the teeth to remove plaque and dirt. The peroxide gel is then applied on the teeth which are left for some minutes, the peroxide gel is applied to fight stubborn stains as its a very strong gel. The laser beam is then brought to focus on the teeth so the whitening powers of the peroxide gel can be activated. The teeth are whitened with the completion of these stages and the results are great.

The laser teeth whitening is a very fast, efficient and effective way of getting a white tooth as the results are immediately, it is also safe and free of any form of infection as the whole procedure doesn’t cause any form of bleeding. Unlike other teeth treatment methods, laser teeth whitening is totally pain free, this is good news for those who have had bitter experience with their dentists in the past.

Laser whitening looks like the perfect way to having white teeth, but there are a few disadvantages that comes with it, with a 78{4e51729c4fa40ec37eb6a03fa9be62c2fb086e71deac3370b7b352c9258de01e} success rate as it has been recorded, it was also seen, a few cases where the laser whitening procedure didn’t seem effective, also there could be tooth sensitivity for a couple of days. Cases of sore gums from the peroxide gel has also been recorded in recent times however the highest disadvantage of the laser teeth whitening would be the cost.

Laser Teeth Whitening Cost

However, a lot of dentist clinics understand the cost of having a laser teeth whitening is quite high most of them accept installment payments to make it affordable for their patients.